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(Development, production film company)

CamposFilms, is a Company dedicated to the funding and production of cinematographic products, our ability to generate a win-win results in benefit to your company and partners. Since 2002, we are dedicated to the development and the cinematographic funding, with the firm purpose to create a new business model.



About us

We are a production house specializing in the development and cinematographic projects funding, in order to have a worldwide distribution. Our goal is to develop powerful and attractive stories, building relationships with actors, directors, filmmakers and writers already set up, generating movies which achieve every standard that the market demands.

Action is the raw material of the drama, the narrative of the film has their origins there, since the first appearance in December 28th, 1895, the film became in a new expression form.

What do we do?

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• The film has become a great tool unmatched marketing and positioning, it’s a business with very specific characteristics that make it very attractive for you and your company.

• Successful cases where businessmen and their brands through films have gained a presence in a cinephile audience, positioned their brand in a market of high impact and achieving unique competitive advantages.

• In Camposfilms we are looking for a win-win model, presenting a business with companies generating innovative marketing opportunities through our developments.

Join us

It is true that the film is a risky business that is why we are looking to show you a variety of options, in the different alternatives that the same film allows, as such:



The backbone of your movie, and with the right vision are the pillars of your success.
With our orientation we help nurture a good story into a screenplay, combined creative and cost so that you manage to put together a solid package that will help you navigate with confidence in the difficult stages of production and fundraising tools.

Monitoring the daily life of the market matches our experience, you may not know how much you can sell your movie, but if there are similar projects which have generated interesting numbers at the box office, we help you to have a clear view, a solid "general panorama”, so that you can identify from the talent that best suits your movie, up to your potential sales of distribution.

Producing films independently is one of the most exciting business, but with a highly risky process for producers and investors.
An independent film denotes different funding methods and production that a study suggests, this means that a self-sufficient artist may be responsible of the contents and style of the film. We are a connectivity mechanism, we generate a supply chain for domestic and foreign productions. Read more...